Aug 10

Drifting Through The Dream

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Derby escorts made my business trip a one of a kind experience. It was going to be a quiet time of work and rest, but before long the client had arranged for a different type of meeting. She said not to worry so much, it was all in the name of fun and her way to say thanks for a great job. My date was a young man with dark hair and smoky eyes. I fell in love for the rest of the night.

We danced, we talked, we had dinner and then we did something the rest of the family will never know about. After a breakfast of fine food and a little more physical fun, he said goodbye. I will never see him again, but in my dreams he will drift in and out for the rest of my life. Maybe I will take another business trip next year and enjoy myself again.

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Jul 23

Get A Free Bike Rental

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Myself and my Newcastle escort friend like to go to the park and ride bikes on a long trail that takes hours. We rent the mountain bikes that they have there because neither one of us own a bike. I get on the website and print out coupons for the bike rental the day before, usually I get lucky and get buy one rental get one rental free.

We both carry a backpack because we get thirsty and hungry during our long days journey. I always make sure that I take a sweatshirt because when the sun sets it does tend to get a little chilly out.

I have been watching for bikes to go on sale at a popular department store close to my home. As soon as they do, I am going to rush out and buy two of them for a big surprise. Our bikes are going to have baskets on the front and back for storage reasons.

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May 20

Time to Live

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I have a dear friend who lives down the street. She is a wonderful lady in her late 50′s. She is kind, sweet and caring. However she is very lonely. Her husband of 30 years passed away a few years ago and she has been alone ever since. A few people have mentioned she should try to meet someone but she was skeptical. So yesterday I was shocked when she told me she was looking into illicit fuck buddy encounters. I was thrilled but shocked.

It turns out my dear friend has been corresponding with a very charming man she met online. She told me all about him, he is retired, a widow with a couple of grand kids. That’s great! My friend loves children, though never had any of her own. She said she spoke with him on the phone and he asked her to dinner. Well why not? Its time to live a little and stop being alone!

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May 5

Stunning Catch

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My best friend Stevie has just bagged himself an absolutely gorgeous girlfriend! She used to be one of those Leicester escorts who dates guys for money but she now works as a beauty therapist in her very own salon and employs three other girls so she is really doing well for herself.

Stevie’s new girlfriend is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, certainly in and around Newcastle anyway. She has got gorgeous facial features, beautiful blue eyes and a figure to die for.
She dresses like a footballer’s wife and always looks like a million dollars. 

All of our mutual friends agree that he really fell on his feet when he met Nicky. She’s the type of girlfriend who would make anyone proud. They have only been dating for a few weeks but they really seem to be getting on well so maybe she will be the one for him at last.

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Apr 27

Never thought my career would take this turn

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Hi my name is Amanda and I use to work at Walgreen’s until I got laid off due to a bad economy. But the good thing is that I have found a great opportunity to make so much more money then I was every making working there. And yes you have guessed right I am now working from the comfort of my home doing adult sex cams aka a sex model. For the money is more than great and the guys that come on to my show are awesome and provide me with all the love and care that I will ever need. So if you would like to have the same opportunity as me to get back on your grind. Then live sex cams are sure to make your wallets hot and panties drop. So with that said I really hope to see you soon. Until then take care sweet cakes.

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Apr 6

Hubby Is Out Of Town

Posted in Lifestyle

My husband is out of town for work a lot and he will always call me and start breathing in the phone. I always know that it is him or he may ask me what I am wearing. Gay fuck buddy dating can be made enjoyable for you and your partner. The call may only last a couple minutes or even hours at at time.

This call with your partner is safe, no protection is needed and your man is thousands of miles away. For this phone call to work you both have to be involved to be intensively intimate. Don’t be afraid to jump in a take the lead about a fantasy that you have always had. You may be surprised of some of the hot fantasies that your hubby has as well. You can enjoy both of your fantasies together.

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Jan 25

Chill out after a hard day at the office

Posted in Health

You can put a lid on the clever massage jokes. Massage is the real deal. Just arrived in Derby and need to eschew the jet lag? How about a relaxing massage by a professional who knows how to use his or her hands and fingers. When your body is on that comfortable table ready to have a professional therapist get to work eliminating all that stress and strain that’s been a pain, you’ll smile to yourself knowing you picked the right massage service. Derby escort agency provides the relaxation therapy you need without having to move any further than the front door of your office, hotel or residence.

Mobile massage has really caught on in the UK eliminating one major problem: commuting. Whether it’s a sports massage, Indian Head to Hot Stone massage, they can provide just what you need. Our therapists also use the Swedish massage and Lomi Lomi massage method.

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